Whether you are looking for just telephone lines & long distance from an alternate service provider or lines and high-speed internet bundled service, we can help you choose the right carrier for your specific application. This helps ECI become your “single point of contact” for your telecom needs.

Our technicians are “Hubbell certified” on Cat5e cabling and terminations. Whether it is a new office or existing facility, our technicians can install new cable & jacks for your phones, and/or computers at the right price.

RPD is one of the best technologies available today for the customer. This allows ECI to make programming changes or perform diagnostics remotely, via modem, to your telephone system. With RPD, ECI can change ringing, change restriction, perform software upgrades and back up your system database. If you have a MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT with ECI, we do these services at NO Additional Charge!

A maintenance contract provides extended warranty protection on your telephone system after your initial warranty runs out. Contracts allow you to budget all of your possible repair costs and Protect you from an un-expected repair bill. Also, a contract Guarantees you the fastest service around (EMERGENCY SERVICE GUARANTEED IN 2 HOURS) and gets you Priority for non-covered work such as adding or moving phones.

By leasing your phone system, it doesn’t have to be a major capital expense. Lease terms are available from 12 to 60 months with options to fit your specific financial need. i.e., end of lease options: Fair Market Value, 10% Buy-out or just $1.00.


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